Use MinerGate For Mining Cryptocurrencies

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MinerGate is the most simple way and compatible solution to inter the mining world, is the best place to start first step in this world, Using MinerGate is pretty much simple and easy, all you need is few clicks to be on the track. MinerGate software support CPU & GPU mining in one program.

Now you can mine more than 26 Crypto currencies like Ethereum, Monero, Zcash, Bytecoin and get profit.


  1. Register an account.
  2. Dwonload the MinerGate program (GUI recommend or  CLI) available for WIN (32 & 64) bit and for Linux Ubuntu / Fedora 64 bit and for Mac 64 bit.
  3. Setup and run, add your email  and click start smart mining. or choose coin manual and start mining.
  4. enjoy :)

Farther setting

To gain most profit from your device:
  • Check device benchmark to know the hash rate and average profit by current currency price.
  • Go to minergate calculator put your hash rate and decied which coin want to mining.
  • You can select merged mining  with FCN or XDN  (available for some coin).
miner gate GUI run

  • you can use your preferred program like XMRig, all you want is add one of minergate pools.


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