The Periodic Table of Cryptocurrencies

The Periodic Table of Cryptocurrencies
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It’s get more difficult day by day to keep your information update with the changes in the cryptocurrency market. This try to simple and understand whats going in cryptocurrencies world.

The Table consists of 118 elements that fall into 9 different categories. there are many cryptocurrencies fall into multiple categories. The coins and tokens put in the category that was most popular.

Cryptocurrencies Categories

  1. Currencies: (BTC,LTC,BCH,DASH,NANO,DCR,BTG,DOGE,MONA,DGB,ETN,USDT) Coins used primarily for payments and to store value.
  2. Protocols (6), Exchanges (6) & Interoperability (6): (BNB,WAVES,KNC,HT,BTS,KCS,ZRX,BTM,LRC,GTO,BNT,QSP,ICX,WAN,ARK,XIN,AION,HSR) Projects building decentralized infrastructure to exchange cryptocurrencies and enable communication between different blockchains.
  3. Computing, Data Management & Cloud Services: (GNT,SONM,SIA,GBYTE,ELF,MAID,RLC,STORJ,GXS,HOT) Projects related to computing, data storage and security, and cloud services including file storage and cloud computing.
  4. Others: (REP,ANT,DCN,POWR,AE,IOTA,STORM,SUB,CTXC,WICC) Projects that didn’t fit into any of the other categories. These include prediction markets, oracles, betting platforms, and AI-related projects.
  5. Platforms: (ETH,ADA,EOS,NEO,ETC,QTUM,ZIL,NEM,LSK,RHOC,NXT,ELA,SKY) Smart contract and decentralized application (dapp) platforms.
  6. Gaming, Media, and Social Networking Platforms: (STEEM,TRX,BAT,LOOM,NAS,SNT,RDD,KIN,FUN,WAX,R) Projects related to the gaming industry, online content publishing and distribution, and social media.
  7. Privacy Coins: (XMR,ZEC,BCN,XVG,BCD,BTCP,KMD,NAV,ENG,PIVX,XZC,ZEN,CLOAK) Currencies with features to make transactions anonymous and/or untraceable.
  8. FinTech: (XRP,XLM,OMG,PPT,POLY,MKR,DGD,REQ,QASH,ICN,PAY,FSN,SALT,ETHOS,MCO) Financial services and technology.
  9. Business/Enterprise: (VET,WTC,STRAT,ONT,ARDR,IOST,DRGN,FCT,CENNZ,UBQ,EMC,NULS,NEBL,SYS) Platforms meant to help businesses improve efficiency, transparency, and security, among other things.
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