Bybit add Cross Margin

As part of Bybit continuing efforts to improve trading experience, Bybit replacing Auto Margin Replenishment(AMR) with Cross Margin with effect from 07 November 2019.

What is Cross Margin?

1. Cross Margin uses all of a  user’s account available balance to prevent liquidation. The largest contract size when using Cross Margin is determined by the maximum leverage allowed for the trading pair.The system will calculate the required maintenance margin amount based on the maintenance margin required by the risk limit of the position.When the equity is lower than the maintenance margin, the position will be liquidated.

2. Unlike isolated margin, Cross Margin does not isolate the required inital margin from the account balance. In the event of liquidation, the trader will lose all the remaining balance. Therefore, please use Cross Margin carefully.


1. Cross Margin is used by default. If the user wishes to use isolated margin instead, the user must select the corresponding setting under ‘Leverage’.

2. If the user has positions/orders established before the update, and did not select AMR, our system will retain the Isolated Margin setting for these trades. If the user wishes to switch to Cross Margin, the user must do so manually on the "Leverage" panel.

3. If the user has switched on AMR prior to the update, the system will automatically switch it to Cross Margin.
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