What is Testnet?


No matter what the type of project is in the field of software development, we need to run it at a local network to test whether it is working perfectly or not.

A similar thing is with the Cryptocurrency world where developers develop their projects and check out the working ability of performance at the TestNet network.

At the testnet network, they check that how efficiently it is working and how it is different from another programming, and how many levels of security it can pass, so that everyone can use it without any tension of hack or attack at the network.

What is MainNet?

In some cases, Mainnet is known as a live network also. After all the trials at TestNet network, The team of #coin launches his project at MainNet for the use, where people can use the coin to mine, stacking, and transaction easily.

So in simple word MainNet is the main network where Blockchain data program actually runs.

Difference between Testnet and Mainnet

We can’t transfer coin from Testnet to MainNet or vice versa. In simple words we can say they can’t intermix with each other even both are running at the same technology and the same algorithm with the same name.

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